Do These 5 Things & You Will Instantly Jump 3-5 Inches Higher!


Do These 5 Things & You Will Instantly Jump 3-5 Inches Higher!

Increase Vertical – Do These 5 Things & You Will Instantly Jump 3-5 Inches Higher!

Can an athlete really instantly jump 3-5 inches higher?


It is all about learning the correct techniques to increase vertical and unlearning the incorrect techniques that inhibit your vertical leap.

I want to teach you 5 jumping techniques that when done correctly, WILL increase your vertical jump by up to 3-5 inches… INSTANTLY!

Here are the 5 Keys:

1st – MVC Optimization – This simply means “maximum velocity control.  OK… What in the world does this mean?  It means you should only jump using a speed that you physically can control.  The key to maximizing your jump is to find the maximum speed that you can jump off correctly and in control.

If you approach the rim too fast, you will not have the opportunity to maximize jumping vertically (like a track and field high jumper).  Instead, you will tend to jump more horizontally (like a track and field long jumper) and  as a result, lose vertical inches.

2nd – Never slow down – your approach should be controlled and CONSTANTLY ACCELERATING!  If you are stutter stepping on your approach, you will not jump high.

3rd – The Power Position – This is simply the position in which your hips are HIGH when you push off (1 or 2 feet) to jump.  In other words, if you have been told that you have to bend low to jump high, then you have been misguided.

The taller your hips are at take off, the higher you will jump!

High “hip height” means you will be using the power generated from your MVC (Maximum Velocity Control) and are not loosing your power by bending low and/or slowing down.

4th – Take Off Core Control – Core control at take off means to get your core above your feet.   Your head, shoulders, core and legs should all be in a straight line at take off.

What I mean is… if your core isn’t controlled you will notice a “lean” at take off (forward/backward/side) which means you are affecting your jump trajectory negatively – jumping horizontally instead of vertically.

5th – Quick Pen – This term simply means that your last two steps will be as quick as possible so that you can get the most out of your MVC (Maximum Velocity Control).  This high jump technique take a little time to get used to, but once you get it…you will Fly!

Quick Recap:

1. Controlled Speed = MVC Optimization
2. Always Accelerate = Never Slow Down
3. Stay Tall = Power Position
4. Don’t Lean Forward/Backward/Sideways = Core Control
5. Quick Last Two Steps = Quick Pen Technique

The above Instant Inches Technique was developed by Adam Linkenauger, and All American High Jumper and professional Dunker who at only 5′-10″ tall can jump over a high jump bar set a 7′-4″!

Listen to Adam Linkenauger’s story and how he developed a 50″ running vertical jump.

You will be amazed and inspired!