Instructions for perfect espresso


Instructions for perfect espresso

A perfect cup of espresso is a thick, rich and creamy beverage. It is a complex mixture of infused flavors topped with a touch of foam. It is often enriched with various specialty toppings and syrups including chocolate, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla.

Espresso and espresso specialty drinks can be made at home with the purchase of an espresso machine. Although it may take some practice, you can definitely make your own perfect cup of espresso at home.

How to make the perfect cup of espresso 

Start by cleaning the machine and running a blank shot (just water) through it.

Fill the espresso machine with water and press the on button and then wait for the indicator light to turn on. This will indicate that the water in the espresso machine is at the correct temperature (192-195 degrees).

Fill the coffee tamper or brew basket with 1 1/2 teaspoons (14 grams) of fine ground coffee.

Place the coffee tamper into the top of the filter and lock it firmly into place.

Place a cup under the spout of the espresso machine and raise the lever.

Brew the coffee for 25 seconds and then lower the lever. A proper cup of brewed espresso will pour slowly out of the spout.

Toward the end of the brewing process the espresso will become lighter in color and will appear frothy in texture.

Your cup of java is now ready to drink or to use in a latte or cappuccino!

Usually an espresso machine with have a steam wand attached to the side for steaming milk.

Pour milk into the steam container or jug that comes with the espresso machine. Fill only 1/3 of the jug with milk. Do not fully fill the jug with milk because the steam can force milk out causing a burn.

Turn the steam wand on for about 3-5 seconds and then turn the steam back off. Put the jug up to the steam wand allowing the milk to cover the wand 2 cm deep.

Turn the on the steam wand. Move the milk jug so that the steam wand fully submerges into the milk.

Hold the jug at a 45 degree angle to allow for for the milk to heat to 70-72 degrees.

Turn off the steam wand and set the milk jug down.

Pour milk over the espresso for a delicious cafe latte.

There you have it; a perfect cup of espresso to enjoy with friends and family.  Once you get used to your technique you can experiment with all kinds of espresso, latte and cappuccino recipes. Enjoy!