Suggestions for a Vegetable Platter and Dip when Hosting a Party or Entertaining Guests


Suggestions for a Vegetable Platter and Dip when Hosting a Party or Entertaining Guests

With summer right around the corner, the produce section of your local grocery store or farmer’s market will be bright and vibrant with fresh vegetables. I am going to share some suggestions for putting together a hit veggie platter for any occasion.

Presentation is very important but I suggest letting the colorful vegetables do all the work. A simple plate with dip is more than enough, let the freshness and the colors speak for themselves. You can start with the usual suspects such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and green beans. If you want to spruce things up, I suggest slicing up some red, orange and yellow peppers. These will add a tasty twist to your platter and also make the presentation beautiful. Something missing from many vegetable platters is fresh, chopped asparagus. The best way to make your platter stand out is to make it unique. So, aside from what I have mentioned, how do you make it stand out?

Here’s a great tip. When you are walking down the produce aisle of your favorite store, step back and see which items are the first to catch your eyes. Take a brief moment and ask yourself what stands out the most, amongst the plethora of vegetables to choose from? These will not just stand out in the supermarket, they will also pop right off the plate if you add them to your platter; both figuratively and literally as your guests race to eat them up like squirrels gathering nuts in the fall.

Now you have a beautiful, colorful, healthy platter. You also have an empty bowl, so how do you select the dip? Ranch is most people’s first choice, followed by French onion dip. It’s very easy to mix a pouch of French onion soup mix into some sour cream and to call it a dip, but we aren’t looking for the easiest solutions because we want this platter to be memorable, right? I am going to recommend having more than one dip. The easy to please folks will be happy with a staple of the dip world such as French onion, ranch, or even a creamy dill dip. If you really want to leave a mark on these guests, consider something a little more exciting like a fresh homemade Greek tzatziki dip. There are many recipes available, and it is probably easier to make than you think. Not to mention it’s always a hit, for all ages!

For those of you keeping score, we have discussed the plate, the vegetables as well as the dip. Now all that’s left to do is to get chopping and watch those healthy smiles shine as you deliver a grand slam of vegetable dipping ecstasy to your loved ones. Go you!